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  • At A&m Foreign Language Services we provide interpretations and translations for all kinds of occasions. Whether you have a significant or a small business meeting, A&M Foreign language Services will provide you with excellent professional interpretation services between English & several other foreign languages. we have more than 10 years of experience and offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for conferences, conventions, courtroom proceedings, depositions, other legal proceedings, human resource meetings, interviews, medical appointments, shopping, speeches, teleconferences, trade shows, business negotiations, discussions, and other types of events. We maintain confidentiality of all information obtained through the course of translation, interpretation & transcription processes.

  • Onsite Interpretation

  • Telephone & Video

  • Web conference: Interpretation Maximize your productivity with real time interpretation that is fully integrated into your preferred web conferencing platform, whether it’s Zoom, Teams, Webex or any other. Plug and play multilingual communication solutions with very affordable convenient hourly rates.

  • Translation

  • Transcription



Attorneys -Lawyers


Court Hearings

Immigration ,Criminal, Municipal, Family



Marriage certificates, Birth certificates,

contracts,immigration documents & more   

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